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(Long read) Bayan Jabr: Supreme Council refused to participate in the consultative meeting of Arbil

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Bayan Jabr: Supreme Council refused to participate in the consultative meeting of Arbil

05/16/2012 0:00

Announced in an interview with «morning» About the National Alliance, the components of an agreement to enter into a single list in the next elections
Baghdad, Tariq al-Araji - Saad Samak
said Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi, the head of the parliamentary citizens were part of the National Alliance, the Islamic Supreme Council refused to participate in the meeting of Irbil consultation, stressing the need to reach a national consensus and not a national meeting which reduced its importance.
Zubaidi said in an interview with »Sabah»: The Supreme Council agreed with the Islamic Dawa Party on the entry of the forces of the National Alliance in a single list in the next elections, denying pursuit of the Council to head the government.
revealed Zubaidi, who served as interior minister in the government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari for a request by the accused Tariq al-Hashemi in 2006 to form a company to protect security.
The following is the text of the interview:
Q: When do you expect the National
Congress? The National Congress is long overdue He should be held three months ago, so the delay had a negative impact in the meeting.
* Do you expect to take place
soon? I, personally, I hope to hold a national conference tomorrow, but when there is talk of 75 items will be discussed at the conference this means we need two years to get out the results of this conference .. I think we need a national consensus before the national meeting. * a Council top Islamic Are invite you to attend the meeting of Irbil consultation? Yes let to a meeting of Arbil, but we did not share the point of view of our own, especially as such things must be discussed within the National Alliance first and then move on arena to the other .. And nine points reached by the meeting, eight of which do not exist for the Supreme Council the problem of where and we agree with it 100 percent, and most of the forces of the National Alliance supports eight points and the problem in point-ninth of the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister, because we believe the invalidity of confidence at the moment because no-confidence means forming a new government and form a new government takes the time up to a year because the current government took formed this time, and comes against the backdrop of the terms and quotas and the result will be lost services and the people will suffer, and therefore emphasize the need to give the opportunity of the current government to continue to complete the term of the legal .. Thus then in the next election will be a new government and give opportunity to other people from the Minister and the President of the House of Representatives and the President of the Council of Ministers and the President of the Republic reiterated to take their chance. * Are you with the formation of a government partnership or a majority government? I am with the formation of a government partnership to be my partner believer in the political process and to defend Iraq and its unity and its interests, not to be a terrorist or linked to the state of a neighboring or foreign. Q: So your opinion, what are the solutions that contribute to resolving the political situation? that the political situation in Iraq needs a national consensus and not meeting a national need to understand everyone, and be a true national partnership, especially as what is now the government is the post and not a partnership, and therefore we need a national consensus, wisdom and confidence-building and these things are so far missing because part of the wrangling between the blocks part of the confidentiality agreements that were not implemented and the lack of commitment by some of the Constitution and this accumulations brought everyone to the results that we are by now. Q: Do you aspire Supreme Council to obtain the position of prime minister? that the Supreme Council does not think the Prime Ministry and the government and the directory now has 10 points can take two ministries or three times, but did not demand so far this maturity, meaning that the injured and aggrieved only, but we did not worry for that matter. * Do you broadcast of the conference for the National media directly in the event take place? we must not limit ourselves to transfer the proceedings of the House of Representatives directly and baptize to the transfer of all meetings of the Council of Ministers and transmitted to the people as well as dissemination of each report issued by the Ministry to brief the people must be it .. The next meeting in the event of his contract, or any another meeting will be held soon under this title or title of another must be transferred directly to inform people it away from confidentiality agreements and consensus so that people know the truth, and I personally know many of the issues hidden so far not been submitted to the people and is many of them secret agreements obtained in the formation of the current government, which has become a government crisis, and I first dubbed this label through my study of the nature of its formation and delayed its formation, as it formed the current government on the basis of confidentiality agreements Katvaqat Arbil, which did not show the details of the secret to the people so far, including the introduction of component or organization or party and the acquisition of the ministries of more than his share and the deprivation of another component of its share of the real and these things and agree on what remains hidden, all of which were the result of agreements between the Kurds and a coalition of state law and the rule of law and the Sadr movement and the other components, and that the document Erbil that have been published recently are part of the agreement confidential and although this their deployment came late, but it is part of the agreements and the Convention where the two sides first in the meeting the President in Erbil and the other side in the scenes, and that the differences existing between some of the ingredients is what was agreed upon in the scenes and refuse entry to detail. * Is there a convergence between the Islamic Supreme Council and the Sadrists? - we and the Sadr movement is part of the National Coalition, and I'm with the need to re-activate the role of the INA, because we have entered in the elections together and we bring the National Alliance, provided that we stay within the National Alliance and the National Coalition remains an important part and a key from the National Alliance and work together with the National Alliance and a coalition of law as a state and national .. We are at the same distance from all the forces and received us as a Council leadership of the Supreme Council of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has recently been discussed all outstanding issues, and we confirmed the need for dialogue and activating the national meeting as Edna to enter the National Alliance in a single list in the upcoming elections on the contrary of the previous elections, which rejected a coalition State law then, in spite of the time-Maliki Mahorti this subject and that he had some notes on belonging to the National Coalition .. Today we discussed the issue with the Dawa Party, and we agreed on the need to access a list of one, but multiple colors, as are granted citizen option election of any party or bloc believes it will provide services and will be fair and efficient so they can promote the services and really miserable it and move on a qualitative new people with the benefit of the capabilities of current with the energies of a young woman entering a new political arena in order to accomplish the task of providing services to the citizens .. I hope as the mass citizen to have the National Alliance, a more coherent, and that is the understanding within the coalition to discuss the nine points contained in and out by the uniform and go to the national meeting of the opinion one may be difficult, especially after the signatures of the five received by the leaders of the blocks in the Arbil meeting, but can agreement on the eight points and the remaining point nine pending for consideration by the after the national meeting. * When I was Minister of the Interior did not arrive to you information on terrorist activities by the accused by Tariq al-Hashimi and his bodyguards? that Tariq al-Hashemi was not prominent at the beginning of Tzlma post was Secretary General of the Islamic Party Then Dr. Mohsen Abdul-Hamid in 2006 became the Hashemite secretary-general of the party, and he visited me and I had the indicators, not information that there is cooperation between the Islamic Party, at the time, terrorists and the percentage of these indicators when Hashemi submit a request to form a company to protect security to provide protection for the Islamic Party and personalities Party Islamic asked him to submit the names they wish to joining this company and actually gave me the time the names of 400 people and after verifying the orientation shown that up to 350 people, including members of the teams and the people in the Baath Party and Fedayeen Saddam and members of the former security and after it was discovered that it neglected topic in form and in detail and after a request Hashemi see me but I refused to conduct the interview with him, contact me after the U.S. ambassador to Iraq at the time, Zalmay Khalilzad sent a message and still kept a copy of the Ministry of Interior and I keep a copy also informing me of the need to give the Islamic Party, agree to form a security company of the need to involve them in the political process, and here began the dispute between me and the U.S. ambassador and told him then that the introduction of the terrorists in the political process is the destruction of the political process .. We are with the introduction of the year in the political process, but the Sunnis, who do not exist in their minds, intentions, terrorist or hostile, such as Abd Mutlaq al-Jubouri Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Dr. Saadoun al-Dulaimi, who was Defense Minister and currently Minister of Defense agency, Nuri al-Rawi and culture minister in the government, they were years But many of those who believe in the political process either to enter the political process Vsafjrunha terrorist elements from the inside. * So what is the goal of al-Hakim's visit to Turkey last, and is related to the issue of Tariq al-Hashimi? There is no relationship between al-Hakim's visit to Turkey, the presence of Tariq Hashemi Today could have landed on Iran or Saudi Arabia or any other countries in the event of a formal invitation and there is a problem or node to visit any country, and the goal of the visit of Mr. Hakim to Turkey is to extinguish the fire that broke out between the Iraqi government and the Turkish government and actually happens, as It is located there began the statements changed to yes, by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as the Turkey believes that the Sunnis are exposed to attack by the Iraqi government and are thus defend them from the point of view, but I think that the Iraqi government to open doors with Turkey and talk with Turkey, especially as a democratic state with my remarks on the Turkish position in some of the interventions in the Iraqi issue, but we have to go and talk and convince them the views of Iraq rather than to hear one-sided. * According to your information from are the countries that have a significant interference in Iraqi affairs? there interfere with task forces such as the U.S. war on Iraq, Iran and these countries have a direct impact we accept or not accept, because it exists in the region and neighboring .. And these countries do not interfere, but influential in the Iraqi issue. Q: What is the Tqoimkm for the role Kurdish latter in Kirkuk and confirm some of them that Kirkuk is Kurdistan? Kirkuk, an Iraqi admittedly a fact that should be acceptable to all, and Kirkuk for all, and we have to sit for talking through the formation of a committee are wise or a committee of wise men and the committee representing all the components and resort to the Constitution then if we disagree on the constitution as political resort to the Committee of Wise Men, or the Federal Court or to any other hand until you say Is this in conformity with the Constitution or contrary to the Constitution, and I think that the House is now required to accelerate the formation of the Federal Court then will solve a lot of outstanding problems including the problem of Kirkuk. * Why not pass a law of parties in the House of Representatives? I demand passage of the law of parties as soon as possible, but there are views of the political blocs that control its members and wants changes so the changes took time in the Committee legal and within the other committees concerned with this matter, but of important laws, which will be approved soon either later, and I expect to endorse in the next legislative term. * go back to the period Tsenmk post of Interior Minister what are the pressures experienced by then? work in the Ministry of Interior during the years 2005 and 2006 was very difficult and received the rubble has not received the ministry, as the number was limited and arms missing, while the terrorists took control of the key areas of Baghdad, including the session and Baya, Saidiya, the university and the Justice and Ameriyah, Ghazaliya and Harithiya, Mansour, was approximately 80 percent of the Karkh in control of it by terrorism, in addition to the road from Baghdad to Karbala, including custom triangle of death, Latifiya and Yusufiya and rock cliff and was claiming the lives of visitors and going to the south, and our response was in front of terrorists along with their control of these areas have seven types of weapons were prohibited, we can not we use, such as cars bombs Loire B LG and BBC KC and Aldochkat Quartet and unilateralism as well as improvised explosive devices, they threaten us were up cables to me from intelligence department using poisons and chemical weapons, while the Americans prevented the police and the army of armament and informed officially by the Americans not to use these weapons, but Kalashnikov and the pistol and when Tsenmt the responsibility of the Interior it was all four members of the police are using machine guns and one and discussed this matter with the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, then Zalmay Khalilzad and a month later told me that he make sure of this information, and the hand in the conflict in favor of the enemies, however, and as a result of experience that I own from a young age to look at the tactics of guerrilla warfare and studies that you are oldest days of the movement of Iraqi Mujahideen in the early eighties until the early nineties this experience made ​​me draw a map of action and counter-terrorism, was a plan against terrorism in a hornet's nest has been developed on the ground and we started operations and was the first process is the lightning and met then with Dr. Saadoun al-Dulaimi, the defense minister at the time The ground force commander Abdul Qader al-Obeidi, General Adnan Thabit al-Samarrai and Major General Rashid Flaih and General Mahmoud Waeli and we started discussing the plan was developed after a sense of seriousness of the control of the Karkh fully so that the terrorists tried to negotiate with me through intermediaries multiple indirectly, as it spoke with the tribes, who in turn spoke with one of senior officers in the ministry and told me and transfer me to the idea that disclaim Karkh against Rusafa, they are in control of the Karkh district, and we control the Rusafa with giving them guarantees the return of security and stability did not allow the officer to complete his idea, and this message came after a series of serious occurred in Bayaa when they took control of the police station there and executed the police chief, killing police and freeing terrorists then came to Baya, the focal point that have been targeted by the Special Forces Regiment, third in the road to the airport with three car bombs and weapons of fighting them and the red signal and a clear Bala choice but confrontation...

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Treasures were meant to be found by those whom are willing to make the journey.By:SS

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Is not the Supreme Council buddies of Mr. Maliki?


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