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Block Allawi: Constitution freezes two one coup

Friday, 11 may 2012 09: 43

Twilight news/said Iraqi block Iraqi Parliament, Friday, to freeze action in the Constitution are only two cases: one in a military coup led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The Iraqi statement — led by Iyad Allawi responding to hints of Al-Maliki to the possibility of freezing the Constitution due to the current political crisis.

Maliky and to freeze the Constitution rather than I, was invited last November to work either compatibility or freeze the Constitution or work both to resolve crises.

Iraqi block Member Nabil harpo for "twilight news" that "this is scary and worrying", stating that "many problems occurred in Iraq in the years no one dares to call to disable the Constitution."

The 2005 Constitution recognized and boycotted by Sunni community as a whole, Iraqi politicians acknowledges that he wrote of immediacy and there are differences on the interpretation of a number of articles.

Harpo said that "the Constitution only two crashes, either vote on abolition by the Iraqi people as a people voted or disrupts a coup."

Iraqi Parliament ordered by more than three months to form a Committee to amend constitutional articles disputed but the Commission was not formed until now, the former Committee on the amendment failed in the previous session.

He asked "does that harpo Prime (Maliki) looms to the possibility of a military coup (the Kiss)? Or that he is fully confident that the Iraqi people will go to this direction and works to stop the Constitution through referendum public? ".

Finally harpo, he said "except these two commands (referendum coup) Prime Minister and President (Jalal Talabani) and speaker (Osama alngivi) unable to disable the Constitution because the possibility of convening the National Conference".

Maliki says that some of its partners in the political process and does not comply with the Constitution, as requiring the commitment stressed that failure could lead to national Congress to suspend the Constitution.

The Iraqi Constitution did not contain any provision refers to the possibility or some of its paragraphs.

Materials concerning the relationship of the Federal Government, local governments and regions and managing oil wealth and decision-making sovereign political controversy between components.

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