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Maliki: I will proclaim to the majority in parliament to choose a new head of government and change Talabani


02:05 pm

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's national meeting that has become a necessity and can not be postponed, and stressed that There is no room anymore "for the sale and purchase under the table", warning that otherwise Vsivhb request to Parliament for the majority of a new head of government and another for the Republic or early elections.

Maliki said in an interview with Al-Iraqiya semi-official "national meeting has become an urgent necessity and can not be postponed," and added "there is no room anymore for bilateral meetings and buying and selling under the table."

He also said "the problems that are now presented in front of the screen is much more behind the scenes," noting that "some people do not want to meet the national to be held because it will reveal all the files and issues and irregularities that they do, and we told them not feeling the of any demand Say what you like, but on the table national meeting on the basis of the Constitution. "

And between al-Maliki that "the national meeting will revive the Constitution because he is dead now, and is not effective and the partners are the ones who Omatwa Constitution when they refused the national meeting and refused to list the problems that arise," and added that "all who commits a violation is a partner in the fatality Constitution," and hung Mmteda "I call to the resort to the Constitution as they fled from it and say, Erbil agreement. "

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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change" ....Charles Darwin

ha ha 3

Premium Member
Premium Member
Maliki is really on the rope now. It has reached the point of no return for him. He is sensing it from all angle that he is going to lose power.


WOW, Maliki is still trying to stall things...that turd!


Premium Member
Premium Member
Maybe the pressure is getting to him?


Don’t Trust, but verify,  Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu

Remember as always JMHO
Rantings from Just North of Sixty


Premium Member
Premium Member
This is his last chance to get it right , If he goes through with the NC and completes what is on the table then he will be the Hero and get reelected. We are still going to see this in High gear so I don't think there will be any issues with him still seated...



Premium Member
Premium Member
OK, I've been doing some research,
good news
I don't see Maliki going anywhere.
He still has all the power.
His son is in charge of the armed forces.
He is ruthless.
I think he will continue to hide behind his own interpretation of the constitution and basically call all the other leaders' bluffs. This will force them to put up or shut up and when and if it ever comes to a vote they will not have enough to push him out.
When it comes down to it Sadr will support him. Talibani will pass the buck.
Barzani will huff and puff and get nothing done.
Alawi is already toast so he is done. The other leaders will mean very little too.
I am surprised Shabibi is still above ground actually.
We will be very lucky to see an RV by September if at all this year.
Unless the US steps in and gets rid of Maliki we might never see it as long as Shabibi is alive.

now I've already proposed a solution in a previous post, but good luck with that.
There is my opinion.

Please Mr. RV, prove me wrong and show up this month.



Premium Member
Premium Member
"His son is in charge of the armed forces."

Wonder why Maliki sent the armed forces out of Baghdad and put in a "security force"?


Don’t Trust, but verify,  Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu

Remember as always JMHO
Rantings from Just North of Sixty


Premium Member
Premium Member
i think you could be wrong sadr will not back down and lose face.sadr goal is to be prime minister and if he vbacks down he never will.and as long as sadr stays the rest will follow him i believe m time is near the end


Premium Member
Premium Member
Time will tell, time will tell .... Rolling Eyes

Trust but verify R. Reagan [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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